Veterans’ Preference Hiring: Military Dependents

The A&FRC is available to answer questions and assist Veterans as well as Military Spouses.
The A&FRC is available to answer questions and assist Veterans as well as Military Spouses.

Qualifying military members are allowed to apply for veterans’ hiring preference points for Civil Service or Federal jobs. State and local agencies may also offer hiring preference depending on a variety of factors. But what about military spouses, dependents, or other relatives? Is there any consideration for these applicants when it comes to veterans’ preference points?

For certain types of employment, the answer depends on the state. Illinois Civil Service jobs pre-test screenings include a request form veterans can use to apply for their preference points. That form includes a section for the “Parent of an unmarried veteran who suffered a service-connected death or service-connected disability that disqualifies the veteran from civil service employment”.

There’s also a section on this form for “Surviving un-remarried spouse of a veteran who suffered a service-connect ed death or service- connected disability that disqualifies the veteran from civil service employment.”

You may find the application process varies depending on the state you’re in, but in general if you meet one of the above circumstances, you may find a distinct advantage in taking the time to apply for this type of veterans’ preference.

For Federal hiring, the The United States Office of Personnel Management official site includes information for widows, spouses, and mothers of disabled veterans who want to claim veteran preference hiring points.

Under the “Spouses and Mothers” section, applicants are instructed to “Submit an official statement, dated within the last 12 months, from the Department of Veterans Affairs or a branch of the Armed Forces, certifying the following:

  • The veteran has a service connected disability
  • The percentage and nature of the service connected disability
  • A notation as to whether or not the veteran is currently rated as unemployable due to the service connected disability, and,
  • A notation as to whether the service connected disability is rated as permanent and total.”

Widows are required to provide the following information:

“The official notice of death occurring under honorable conditions if service member was on active military duty at the time of death” or “The death certificate if the death occurred while not on active military duty”

For Federal hiring, applicants will be instructed where to send documentation and related paperwork if not included in the original submission of job application data. You can learn more about the entire process via a downloadable .PDF form available from the Department of Defense official site.


About The AuthorJoe Wallace is a 13-year veteran of the United States Air Force and a former reporter for Air Force Television News