Valentines Day Gift Ideas with a Military Discount

Finding that special Valentines gift on a military budget isn’t always easy, and sometimes a little creativity is needed along the way.  A military discount helps too, so with that said, here is a list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas that offer up a military discount as well.

Valentine’s Day is Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

Valentines Gift Ideas for Women

Staycation – Sometimes it isn’t where you travel to as much as it is about just getting away for the night.  Most hotels such as La Quinta Inns & Suites and Red Roof Inn offer discounted rates to the military, so find one in your area near a great restaurant that offers a military discount, and make a night of it.  You might need a baby sitter though, and Sitter City offers members of the military receive free access to qualified childcare providers.  Another option is to trade sitting nights with another couple with kids.

MoviesMany movie theaters offer military discounts either directly, or through the local MWR, ITR or ITT offices.  Better yet, skip the discount and save more money on a 4:45 matinee, and then follow it up with dinner for an evening out.

Flowers and/or Chocolate – Cliché? Check, but still a tried and true gift! You might want to mix something else in if you’ve already gone to the well on this one a few times.  ProFlowers offers up to 20% off flowers and chocolate arrangements.

Jewelry – Another tried and true gift, but you’ll get no complaints with this one.  Many jewelry stores offer military discounts up to 10% off.  Here are a few: Helzberg Diamonds, and Zoara.

Shoes – Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Receive a military discount at Lady Foot Locker.

Give Her a BreakiRobot is offering the military community a 15% discount. Verification must be completed prior to purchase through TroopID.

Something Special and Unique – As another option, Zazzle offers a wide selection of custom and unique items that are perfect for gifting. TroopID verification is required to receive 18% off!

Special Events, Theatres & More – This may not be a man’s ideal night out but it may be hers, and it’s Valentine’s Day.  Head on down to the local MWR, ITR and ITT office, and check out the long list of events in your area that will make her head spin.

Valentines Gift Ideas for Men

Athletic apparel, Jersey’s and Shoes – Most military service members are required to stay fit, and need the clothes to do so. Others need to stay fit, but don’t have a favorite sports team. Then of course there are those who love receiving athletic apparel showing off their favorite team’s logo.  Under Armour offers a 10% military discount, and the Under Armour discount applies to Veterans too!

Clothes – Love the man but don’t love the clothes?  Here is your opportunity to change that.  Aeropostale offers a 10% military discount and this offer includes NFL, NBA and X Games brand clothing as well.

Home Improvement, Tools & Hardware – Get him a cordless chainsaw, magnetic tools, or pocket knives. Some men love home improvement projects and enjoy collecting the tools to do them. Receive 10% off your purchase at Home Depot or Lowe’s when you show valid military ID or Veteran ID.

Auto Parts & Accessories – Many men love to work on their cars, but need all the right parts and accessories. Pep Boys offers 10% off every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Man Crate Care Packages – Send your guy a Man Crate that is specifically packaged for men, meaning that he’ll even open with a crow bar. Military families can save 10%.

Omaha Steaks – Steak is always a great option. For some men, food is the best way to their heart. Military veterans and service members can receive 10% off their order at Omaha Steaks. Verification is completed using TroopID.

Deployed Valentine’s Gift Idea Past the USPS Shipping Deadline

Photo by Tyler Main
Photo by Cpl. Tyler L. Main

If you missed the shipping deadline for Valentine’s Day, don’t worry because now you can get more creative. Send your Soldier a video eCard from JibJab. With JibJab you can insert pictures of your favorite Soldier, the kids, (and anyone else you want) into funny and creative videos. The cost is $12 per year, and there are options for every holiday and birthday. This gift can keep on giving laughter all year round.

Where to Find More Military Discounts for Valentine’s Day

  • Visit the local MWR (Morale Welfare and Recreation), ITR (Information Tickets and Registration) or ITT (Information, Tickets and Tours) offices for a complete listing of military discounts.  Some even publish the discounts online.
  • Visit the Exchange and Commissary websites or stores for special Valentines promotions and gifts.
  • See a list of military discounts.
  • See a list local area military discounts.
  • Many stores don’t publish military discounts, but will provide one if asked. Even local stores of national chains are known to provide military discounts, though the parent company does not!

If you’re single, it’s not too late to meet someone before Valentine’s Day.  Military Cupid connects military singles or civilians looking for military dating online.  There is also Russian Cupid but it’s probably not recommended to look there if you’re serving in the U.S. Military.