2017 VA Loan Limits by County

The 2017 VA loan limit increased to $424,100 in 2017 from $417,000 except in 238 high cost counties where they are higher. For comparison there are 3,143 counties and county equivalents. The maximum conforming VA loan limits for mortgages acquired by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are determined by the The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA).

VA Loan limits apply to all loans closed January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017.

These limits do apply to most military borrowers. These increased VA loan limits are intended to allow military borrowers in more expensive loan markets to borrow more without having to put any money down. In most markets the VA loan limit is $424,100.

2017 VA Loan Limits

AlaskaAKALEUTIANS EAST$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKALEUTIANS WEST$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKANCHORAGE$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKBETHEL$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKBRISTOL BAY$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKDENALI$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKDILLINGHAM$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKFAIRBANKS NORTH$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKHAINES$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKHOONAH-ANGOON$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKJUNEAU$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKKENAI PENINSULA$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKKETCHIKAN GATEWAY$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKKODIAK ISLAND$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKLAKE AND PENINSULA$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKMATANUSKA-SUSITNA$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKNOME$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKNORTH SLOPE$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKNORTHWEST ARCTIC$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKPRINCE OF WALES-HYDER$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKSITKA$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKVALDEZ-CORDOVA$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKYAKUTAT CITY$636,150 Denver
AlaskaAKYUKON-KOYUKUK$636,150 Denver
CaliforniaCAALAMEDA$636,150 Phoenix
CaliforniaCAALPINE$463,450 Phoenix
CaliforniaCACONTRA COSTA$636,150 Phoenix
CaliforniaCAEL DORADO$488,750 Phoenix
CaliforniaCALOS ANGELES$636,150 Phoenix
CaliforniaCAMARIN$636,150 Phoenix
CaliforniaCAMONO$529,000 Phoenix
CaliforniaCAMONTEREY$575,000 Phoenix
CaliforniaCANAPA$636,150 Phoenix
CaliforniaCANEVADA$477,250 Phoenix
CaliforniaCAORANGE$636,150 Phoenix
CaliforniaCAPLACER$488,750 Phoenix
CaliforniaCASACRAMENTO$488,750 Phoenix
CaliforniaCASAN BENITO$636,150 Phoenix
CaliforniaCASAN DIEGO$612,950 Phoenix
CaliforniaCASAN FRANCISCO$636,150 Phoenix
CaliforniaCASAN LUIS OBISPO$586,600 Phoenix
CaliforniaCASAN MATEO$636,150 Phoenix
CaliforniaCASANTA BARBARA$636,150 Phoenix
CaliforniaCASANTA CLARA$636,150 Phoenix
CaliforniaCASANTA CRUZ$636,150 Phoenix
CaliforniaCASOLANO$431,250 Phoenix
CaliforniaCASONOMA$595,700 Phoenix
CaliforniaCAVENTURA$636,150 Phoenix
CaliforniaCAYOLO$488,750 Phoenix
ColoradoCOADAMS$493,350 Denver
ColoradoCOARAPAHOE$493,350 Denver
ColoradoCOBOULDER$529,000 Denver
ColoradoCOBROOMFIELD$493,350 Denver
ColoradoCOCLEAR CREEK$493,350 Denver
ColoradoCODENVER$493,350 Denver
ColoradoCODOUGLAS$493,350 Denver
ColoradoCOEAGLE$636,150 Denver
ColoradoCOELBERT$493,350 Denver
ColoradoCOGARFIELD$636,150 Denver
ColoradoCOGILPIN$493,350 Denver
ColoradoCOHINSDALE$427,800 Denver
ColoradoCOJEFFERSON$493,350 Denver
ColoradoCOLAKE$625,500 Denver
ColoradoCOOURAY$425,500 Denver
ColoradoCOPARK$493,350 Denver
ColoradoCOPITKIN$636,150 Denver
ColoradoCOROUTT$625,500 Denver
ColoradoCOSAN MIGUEL$625,500 Denver
ColoradoCOSUMMIT$625,500 Denver
ConnecticutCTFAIRFIELD$601,450 Cleveland
District of ColumbiaDCDISTRICT OF COLUMBIA$636,150 Roanoke
FloridaFLCOLLIER$450,800 St. Petersburg
FloridaFLMONROE$529,000 St. Petersburg
GeorgiaGAGREENE$515,200 Atlanta
GuamGUGUAM$636,150 Honolulu
HawaiiHIHAWAII$636,150 Honolulu
HawaiiHIHONOLULU$721,050 Honolulu
HawaiiHIKALAWAO$657,800 Honolulu
HawaiiHIKAUAI$713,000 Honolulu
HawaiiHIMAUI$657,800 Honolulu
IdahoIDBLAINE$625,500 Denver
IdahoIDCAMAS$625,500 Denver
IdahoIDLINCOLN$625,500 Denver
IdahoIDTETON$636,150 Denver
MarylandMDANNE ARUNDEL$517,500 Roanoke
MarylandMDBALTIMORE$517,500 Roanoke
MarylandMDBALTIMORE CITY$517,500 Roanoke
MarylandMDCALVERT$636,150 Roanoke
MarylandMDCARROLL$517,500 Roanoke
MarylandMDCHARLES$636,150 Roanoke
MarylandMDFREDERICK$636,150 Roanoke
MarylandMDHARFORD$517,500 Roanoke
MarylandMDHOWARD$517,500 Roanoke
MarylandMDMONTGOMERY$636,150 Roanoke
MarylandMDPRINCE GEORGE'S$636,150 Roanoke
MarylandMDQUEEN ANNE'S$517,500 Roanoke
MassachusettsMABRISTOL$426,650 Cleveland
MassachusettsMADUKES$636,150 Cleveland
MassachusettsMAESSEX$598,000 Cleveland
MassachusettsMAMIDDLESEX$598,000 Cleveland
MassachusettsMANANTUCKET$636,150 Cleveland
MassachusettsMANORFOLK$598,000 Cleveland
MassachusettsMAPLYMOUTH$598,000 Cleveland
MassachusettsMASUFFOLK$598,000 Cleveland
NebraskaNELINCOLN$433,660 St. Paul
NebraskaNELOGAN$433,660 St. Paul
NebraskaNEMCPHERSON$433,660 St. Paul
New HampshireNHROCKINGHAM$598,000 Cleveland
New HampshireNHSTRAFFORD$598,000 Cleveland
New JerseyNJBERGEN$636,150 Cleveland
New JerseyNJESSEX$636,150 Cleveland
New JerseyNJHUDSON$636,150 Cleveland
New JerseyNJHUNTERDON$636,150 Cleveland
New JerseyNJMIDDLESEX$636,150 Cleveland
New JerseyNJMONMOUTH$636,150 Cleveland
New JerseyNJMORRIS$636,150 Cleveland
New JerseyNJOCEAN$636,150 Cleveland
New JerseyNJPASSAIC$636,150 Cleveland
New JerseyNJSOMERSET$636,150 Cleveland
New JerseyNJSUSSEX$636,150 Cleveland
New JerseyNJUNION$636,150 Cleveland
New YorkNYBRONX$636,150 Cleveland
New YorkNYDUTCHESS$636,150 Cleveland
New YorkNYKINGS$636,150 Cleveland
New YorkNYNASSAU$636,150 Cleveland
New YorkNYNEW YORK$636,150 Cleveland
New YorkNYORANGE$636,150 Cleveland
New YorkNYPUTNAM$636,150 Cleveland
New YorkNYQUEENS$636,150 Cleveland
New YorkNYRICHMOND$636,150 Cleveland
New YorkNYROCKLAND$636,150 Cleveland
New YorkNYSUFFOLK$636,150 Cleveland
New YorkNYWESTCHESTER$636,150 Cleveland
North CarolinaNCCAMDEN$625,500 Atlanta
North CarolinaNCCURRITUCK$458,850 Atlanta
North CarolinaNCGATES$458,850 Atlanta
North CarolinaNCHYDE$483,000 Atlanta
North CarolinaNCPASQUOTANK$625,500 Atlanta
North CarolinaNCPERQUIMANS$625,500 Atlanta
Northern Mariana IslandsMPNORTHERN ISLAND$524,400 Honolulu
Northern Mariana IslandsMPSAIPAN$529,000 Honolulu
Northern Mariana IslandsMPTINIAN$532,450 Honolulu
PennsylvaniaPAPIKE$636,150 Cleveland
Rhode IslandRIBRISTOL$426,650 Cleveland
Rhode IslandRIKENT$426,650 Cleveland
Rhode IslandRINEWPORT$426,650 Cleveland
Rhode IslandRIPROVIDENCE$426,650 Cleveland
Rhode IslandRIWASHINGTON$426,650 Cleveland
TenneseeTNCANNON$466,900 Roanoke
TenneseeTNCHEATHAM$466,900 Roanoke
TenneseeTNDAVIDSON$466,900 Roanoke
TenneseeTNDICKSON$466,900 Roanoke
TenneseeTNHICKMAN$466,900 Roanoke
TenneseeTNMACON$466,900 Roanoke
TenneseeTNMAURY$466,900 Roanoke
TenneseeTNROBERTSON$466,900 Roanoke
TenneseeTNRUTHERFORD$466,900 Roanoke
TenneseeTNSMITH$466,900 Roanoke
TenneseeTNSUMNER$466,900 Roanoke
TenneseeTNTROUSDALE$466,900 Roanoke
TenneseeTNWILLIAMSON$466,900 Roanoke
TenneseeTNWILSON$466,900 Roanoke
UtahUTSALT LAKE$600,300 Denver
UtahUTSUMMIT$636,150 Denver
UtahUTTOOELE$600,300 Denver
Virgin IslandsVIST. CROIX$636,150 St. Petersburg
Virgin IslandsVIST. JOHN$636,150 St. Petersburg
Virgin IslandsVIST. THOMAS$636,150 St. Petersburg
VirginiaVAALBEMARLE$437,000 Roanoke
VirginiaVAALEXANDRIA$636,150 Roanoke
VirginiaVAAMELIA$535,900 Roanoke
VirginiaVAARLINGTON$636,150 Roanoke
VirginiaVABUCKINGHAM$437,500 Roanoke
VirginiaVACAROLINE$535,900 Roanoke
VirginiaVACHARLES CITY$535,900 Roanoke
VirginiaVACHARLOTTESVILLE$437,000 Roanoke
VirginiaVACHESAPEAKE$458,850 Roanoke
VirginiaVACHESTERFIELD$535,900 Roanoke
VirginiaVACLARKE$636,150 Roanoke
VirginiaVACOLONIAL HEIGHTS$535,900 Roanoke
VirginiaVACULPEPER$636,150 Roanoke
VirginiaVACUMBERLAND$535,900 Roanoke
VirginiaVADINWIDDIE$535,900 Roanoke
VirginiaVAFAIRFAX$636,150 Roanoke
VirginiaVAFALLS CHURCH$636,150 Roanoke
VirginiaVAFAUQUIER$636,150 Roanoke
VirginiaVAFLUVANNA$458,850 Roanoke
VirginiaVAFREDERICKSBURG$636,150 Roanoke
VirginiaVAGLOUCESTER$458,850 Roanoke
VirginiaVAGOOCHLAND$535,900 Roanoke
VirginiaVAGREENE$437,000 Roanoke
VirginiaVAHAMPTON$458,850 Roanoke
VirginiaVAHANOVER$535,900 Roanoke
VirginiaVAHENRICO$535,900 Roanoke
VirginiaVAHOPEWELL$535,900 Roanoke
VirginiaVAISLE OF WIGHT$458,850 Roanoke
VirginiaVAJAMES CITY$458,850 Roanoke
VirginiaVAKING AND QUEEN$535,900 Roanoke
VirginiaVAKING WILLIAM$535,900 Roanoke
VirginiaVALANCASTER$442,750 Roanoke
VirginiaVALOUDOUN$636,150 Roanoke
VirginiaVALOUISA$535,900 Roanoke
VirginiaVAMANASSAS$636,150 Roanoke
VirginiaVAMANASSAS PARK$636,150 Roanoke
VirginiaVAMATHEWS$458,850 Roanoke
VirginiaVANELSON$437,000 Roanoke
VirginiaVANEW KENT$535,900 Roanoke
VirginiaVANEWPORT NEWS$458,850 Roanoke
VirginiaVANORFOLK$458,850 Roanoke
VirginiaVAPETERSBURG$535,900 Roanoke
VirginiaVAPOQUOSON$458,850 Roanoke
VirginiaVAPORTSMOUTH$458,850 Roanoke
VirginiaVAPOWHATAN$535,900 Roanoke
VirginiaVAPRINCE GEORGE$535,900 Roanoke
VirginiaVAPRINCE WILLIAM$636,150 Roanoke
VirginiaVARAPPAHANNOCK$636,150 Roanoke
VirginiaVASPOTSYLVANIA$636,150 Roanoke
VirginiaVASTAFFORD$636,150 Roanoke
VirginiaVASUFFOLK$458,850 Roanoke
VirginiaVASURRY$458,850 Roanoke
VirginiaVASUSSEX$535,900 Roanoke
VirginiaVAVIRGINIA BEACH$458,850 Roanoke
VirginiaVAWARREN$636,150 Roanoke
VirginiaVAWILLIAMSBURG$458,850 Roanoke
VirginiaVAYORK$458,850 Roanoke
WashingtonWAKING$592,250 Denver
WashingtonWAPIERCE$592,250 Denver
WashingtonWASAN JUAN$483,000 Denver
WashingtonWASNOHOMISH$592,250 Denver
West VirginiaWVJEFFERSON$636,150 Roanoke
WyomingWYTETON$636,150 Denver

FHA Mortgage Insurance Program

The FHA mortgage insurance program has loan limits for owner-occupied homes under its 203(b) program (the most-common option). The FHA loan limit varies according to whether you live in a “high cost” market, typical real estate market, or reside in Alaska, Guam, Hawaii or the U.S. Virgin Islands. The FHA’s national loan limit “floor” is set at 65 percent of the conforming loan standard. For 2017, 65 percent of $424,100 equals $275,650.

The maximum guaranty amount (available for loans over $144,000) is 25 percent of the 2016 VA limit shown above. Therefore, a veteran with full entitlement available may borrow up to the 2016 VA limit shown below and VA will guarantee 25 percent of the loan amount. If a veteran has previously used entitlement that has not been restored, the maximum guaranty amount available to that veteran must be reduced accordingly.

Regional Loan Center Info:

Cleveland Department of Veterans Affairs
VA Regional Loan Center
1240 East Ninth Street
Cleveland, OH 44199

Denver Department of Veterans Affairs
VA Regional Loan Center
155 Van Gordon Street
Lakewood, CO 80228

Honolulu Department of Veterans Affairs
VA Regional Office
Loan Guaranty Division (26)
459 Patterson Rd.
Honolulu, HI 96819
* Not an RLC but can handle all Loan Guaranty matters for Hawaii.

Phoenix Department of Veterans Affairs
VA Regional Loan Center
3333 N. Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85012-2402

Roanoke Department of Veterans Affairs
VA Regional Loan Center
210 First Street
Roanoke, VA 24011

St. Paul Department of Veterans Affairs
VA Regional Loan Center
1 Federal Drive, Ft. Snelling.
St. Paul, MN 55111

St. Petersburg Department of Veterans Affairs
VA Regional Loan Center
9500 Bay Pines Blvd.
St. Petersburg, FL 33708

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