15 Online Degree Programs with Great Pay & Career Potential

Online degree programs are enabling students who could otherwise not pursue an education to get the training needed for a new career. If you’re an aspiring student searching for an online degree program with lucrative benefits, consider one of these Top 15 Online Degree Programs with the best pay and career potential that offers the biggest bang for your buck.

15: Online Associate Degree in Business

If you’re looking to start a rewarding career with minimal education, the online associate degree in business is the right choice. Many online associate degrees in business may be completed on an accelerated timeline, so you can start your job hunt in as little as a year and a half. Online associate degree programs require minimal student loans, especially given the drastic increase in pay compared to a high school diploma.

14: Online Bachelor Degree in Game Arts and Design

Video game development is skyrocketing with the advancement of today’s technology. An online bachelor degree related to game design—whether it’s visual design, computer programming, or better yet, a specialty degree in gaming—leads to a career that is not only financially rewarding, but a blast to wake up to Monday through Friday. Entry-level jobs are at $40,000 a year and up.

13: Online Bachelor Degree in Education

An online bachelor degree in education gives aspiring teachers and professors a jumpstart on their future career goals. Most online bachelor degrees in education must be complemented by additional campus-based programs or examinations based upon the requirements of the State, but the online degree is still a great preliminary step to getting your occupation started. Pay varies depending on location and the educational level the teacher works in.

12: Online Bachelor Degree in Social Work

Help your future career goals while helping someone else! An online bachelor degree in social work prepares a student for a gratifying career in helping his or her community. While social workers make a decent living—the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported medians as high as $50,000 in 2008—they work long, demanding hours. The online bachelor degree in social work is only for the right individual who aspires to help others!

11: Online Bachelor Degree in Biology

While the financial rewards of the online bachelor degree in biology becomes most apparent later in a student’s academic career, it’s a great bachelor degree to complement an application to a graduate program for a top-paying medical career. This by no means eliminates its usefulness for bachelor-level jobs. Looking for a career fresh out of your undergrad school? Entry-level clinical laboratory technicians are reported at approximately $60,000 a year on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and that’s thanks to a bachelor degree in a life science!

10: Online Bachelor Degree in Marketing

A marketing degree has seemingly infinite possibilities. Consider all the products and services advertised in your daily life, and in the different media available: paper, Internet, television, on the sides of buses. An online bachelor degree in marketing, whether it is an online Bachelor of Science or online Bachelor of Arts, will lay the foundation for a lifelong prolific career. Earnings are drastically variable based on the industry and job location.

9: Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Work in a government or other legal position with an online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Government employees are known for receiving competitive pay and among the best benefits of all jobs. Salaries are variable depending on job title and location.

8: Online Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design

The online graduate of marketing may encounter the equally in-demand graduate from an online bachelor of science in graphic design degree program. Graphic design students study with computer technology, making online degree programs not only a convenient, but also an ideal method of learning.

7: Online Bachelor of Science in Management

Interested in a management position, but not wanting to put the investment into an online MBA program? An online bachelor of science in management may be just the ticket to a high paying job in an assistant management or management position within selected industries. Many online management bachelor degree programs also come with the option to focus on a specific industry, like health care.

6: Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Today’s market demands economic reform. Accounting graduates are paving the way towards professional success for small businesses and large corporations around the world; these professionals in number crunching are a quintessential part of the business world. What if you wanted to get into another facet of business? You could consider the…

5: Online Bachelor of Science in Business

The beauty of the online Bachelor of Science in Business is its versatility. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an average of $27/hour for businesspersons in the United States, which equates to a reliable $54,000 a year. This income is variable based upon what a graduate from an online Bachelor of Science in Business program does with his or her education and could rise upwards to $100,000 or more a year.

4: Online Bachelor of Science in Health Care

Health care is the fastest growing industry in the United States. Online bachelor degrees in health care open doors to jobs that are not only lucratively promising, but offer long-term security and quick hiring rates. Your online bachelor of science could be in a general field like public health or in a more specialized field like surgical technology. Check out online health care programs recognized by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs, the largest programmatic accreditation agency for health care in the nation.

3: Online Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Engineering degrees—whether it’s medical, chemical, electrical, mechanical, or any other field—are at the forefront of graduates with entry-level, $100k+ jobs. Computer engineering lingers right beneath an even larger starting career, though…

2: Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Information Technology sits at the head of the table for best paying online bachelor degree programs. Computer and information system managers are reporting a median annual salary of $112,000 for 2008 on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with careers in exciting fields like software publishing, computer systems design, and insurance coverage.

1: Online Master of Business in Administration

Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) surveys show that an online MBA program boosts a business career by approximately $30,000 a year, variable by location and experience. Fresh graduates from online MBA programs report salaries of $100,000 plus in USA Today. With hundreds of online master of business in administration programs offered from accredited institutions across the nation, it’s no wonder that this takes the cake for the Secret Top 15 Online Degree Programs with the best paying career opportunities. Who can say no to an additional 2 years of college equating to $30,000 a year in earnings?

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