2014 Survivors’ Pension Rate Tables

2014 Survivors’ Pension rate tables paid by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) including Housebound and Aid and Attendance supplements.

Date of Cost-of-Living Increase: 12-01-2013
2014 Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA): 1.5%
Standard Medicare Deduction: $104.90

Improved Death Pension Rate Table – Surviving Spouse/Child(ren) – Alone or With the Other

2014 Survivors Pension Rate Tables

Maximum Annual Pension Rate (MAPR) Category
MAPR Without Dependent Child$8,485
To be deducted, medical expenses must exceed 5% of MAPR or$424
MAPR With One Dependent Child$11,107
To be deducted, medical expenses must exceed 5% of MAPR or$555
Housebound Without Dependents$10,371
Housebound With One Dependent$12,988
A&A Without Dependents$13,563
A&A Without Dependents (SAW Veteran's Surviving Spouse)$14,113
A&A With One Dependent$16,180
A&A With One Dependent (SAW Veteran's Surviving Spouse)$16,671
SBP/MIW Annuity Limitation$8,485
Add for Each Additional Child$2,161
Child Earned Income Exclusioneffective 1/1/2000$7,200
(38 CFR §3.272(j)(1))effective 1/1/2001$7,450
effective 1/1/2002$7,700
effective 1/1/2003$7,800
effective 1/1/2004$7,950
effective 1/1/2005$8,200
effective 1/1/2006$8,450
effective 1/1/2007$8,750
effective 1/1/2008$8,950
effective 1/1/2009$9,350
effective 1/1/2012$9,750
effective 1/1/2013$10,000
effective 1/1/2014$10,150

Glossary of Terms

  • A & A – Aid & Attendance – Require the aid of another person to perform activities of daily living OR be blind or meet other specific visual acuity requirements OR be a patient in a nursing home because of physical and/or mental incapacity.
  • Death Pension – Intended to supplement the income of a surviving spouse or child who is in need of financial assistance and provide a minimum level of financial security.
  • Housebound – Qualifications: Single disability rated 100% and separate disabilities rated 60% or more (Veterans only) OR Permanently housebound due to disabilities per 38 CFR 3.351(d) OR Hartness v Nicholson (2006) when pension has been granted based on the veteran being age 65 or older.
  • IVAP – Income for VA purposes
  • MAPR – Maximum Annual Pension Rate – The MAPR is the maximum amount of pension payable to a veteran, surviving spouse or child. MAPR fluctuates based on individual circumstances related to number of dependents and if Housebound or Aid & Attendance qualifications.  The MAPR is reduced for each dollar of income that the veteran, surviving spouse, child, or their families have.
  • MBW – Mexican Border War
  • MIW – Minimum Income Annuity
  • SAW – Spanish-American War
  • SBP – Survivor Benefit Plan
  • SS – Veteran’s Surviving Spouse
  • Survivors’ Pension - Tax-free monetary benefit payable to a low-income, un-remarried surviving spouse and/or unmarried child(ren) of a deceased Veteran with wartime service.