2017 Survivors’ Pension Rate Tables

The 2017 Survivors’ Pension rates saw a .3% increase over 2016 and will be effective December 1st, 2016.

The 2018 Survivors’ Pension rate increase will not be announced until mid-October 2017 when COLA (Cost of Living Adjustments) for the third quarter are released. See our COLA increase watch for the most recent estimates and updates.

Survivors’ Pension rate increases are determined by Cost-of-Living-Adjustments (COLA).

2017 Survivors’ Pension Dates:
Effective Date: 12/01/2016
First Paycheck: 12/31/2016

2017 Standard Medicare Deduction: Actual amount will be determined by SSA based on individual income.

Improved Death Pension Rate Table – Surviving Spouse/Child(ren) – Alone or With the Other

2017 Survivors Pension Rate Tables
MAPR Without Dependent Child $8,656
To be deducted, medical expenses must exceed 5% of MAPR or $433
MAPR With One Dependent Child $11,330
To be deducted, medical expenses must exceed 5% of MAPR or $566
Housebound Without Dependents $10,580
Housebound With One Dependent $13,249
A&A Without Dependents $13,836
A&A Without Dependents (SAW Veteran’s Surviving Spouse) $14,397
A&A With One Dependent $16,506
A&A With One Dependent (SAW Veteran’s Surviving Spouse) $17,006
SBP/MIW Annuity Limitation $8,656
Add for Each Additional Child $2,205
Child Earned Income Exclusion effective 1/1/2000 $7,200
(38 CFR §3.272(j)(1)) effective 1/1/2001 $7,450
effective 1/1/2002 $7,700
effective 1/1/2003 $7,800
effective 1/1/2004 $7,950
effective 1/1/2005 $8,200
effective 1/1/2006 $8,450
effective 1/1/2007 $8,750
effective 1/1/2008 $8,950
effective 1/1/2009 $9,350
effective 1/1/2012 $9,750
effective 1/1/2013 $10,000
effective 1/1/2014 $10,150
effective 1/1/2015 $10,300
effective 1/1/2016 $10,350
effective 1/1/2017 $10,400

Survivors’ Pension rate increases are determined by Cost-of-Living-Adjustments (Cola).

Survivors’ Pension rate tables are paid by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) including Housebound and Aid and Attendance supplements.

To calculate the 2018 Survivors’ Pension rate increase, if any, the average of the indices of July, August, and September 2017 will be compared with the 2016 3rd quarter average.

Glossary of Terms

  • A & A – Aid & Attendance – Require the aid of another person to perform activities of daily living OR be blind or meet other specific visual acuity requirements OR be a patient in a nursing home because of physical and/or mental incapacity.
  • Death Pension – Intended to supplement the income of a surviving spouse or child who is in need of financial assistance and provide a minimum level of financial security.
  • Housebound – Qualifications: Single disability rated 100% and separate disabilities rated 60% or more (Veterans only) OR Permanently housebound due to disabilities per 38 CFR 3.351(d) OR Hartness v Nicholson (2006) when pension has been granted based on the veteran being age 65 or older.
  • IVAP – Income for VA purposes
  • MAPR – Maximum Annual Pension Rate – The MAPR is the maximum amount of pension payable to a veteran, surviving spouse or child. MAPR fluctuates based on individual circumstances related to number of dependents and if Housebound or Aid & Attendance qualifications.  The MAPR is reduced for each dollar of income that the veteran, surviving spouse, child, or their families have.
  • MBW – Mexican Border War
  • MIW – Minimum Income Annuity
  • SAW – Spanish-American War
  • SBP – Survivor Benefit Plan
  • SS – Veterans Surviving Spouse
  • Survivors’ Pension Tax-free monetary benefit payable to a low-income, un-remarried surviving spouse and/or unmarried child(ren) of a deceased Veteran with wartime service.