Post Military Option: Online Psychology Degree

An online degree in psychology or counseling is an excellent method to start a career in a job helping others. Online psychology degrees are useful for occupations such as career counseling, school counseling, human resources, and general business; they also open up doors to family-marriage therapist and clinical social worker careers with a master’s degree program and respective licensure.

Psychology jobs are found in a variety of professional fields:

  • Clinical
  • Forensics
  • Sports
  • Education
  • Corporate

How long does it take to earn an online degree in psychology?

Online psychology bachelor degree programs may be completed in as little as three years with accelerated or year-round learning, though most programs take four years or more. An online psychology master degree takes an additional two years.

What will I learn in an online psychology degree program?

Psychology students study statistics, research, theory, and the role of other social and life sciences on the field of psychology and human behavior: anthropological psychology, sociological psychology, and physiological psychology to name a few.

Psychology master degree programs offer more focus than the bachelor degree counterparts. For example, an online master degree in forensic psychology will lead to an entirely different career path than an online master degree in clinical social work. The C.S.W., like the marriage-family therapist, is able to provide one-on-one counseling and therapy, whereas the forensic psychologist works in criminal justice.

Where do I find an online psychology degree program?

Online psychology degree programs are available from several reputable schools across the internet. The school you attend should be accredited so that your online degree program is recognized as quality education by employers and future schools. It’s best to do research and ask questions about the online psychology program(s) of interest to you before enrolling.