Post 9/11 GI Bill BAH Rate for Online Colleges

The BAH rate (aka MHA rate (Monthly Housing Allowance)) if you are enrolled full-time through the post 9/11 GI Bill at an online college, school or distance learning program is $754.50 until July 31st, 2015.  Even though BAH Rates are effective as of January 1st, 2014 the effective date for the adjustment of the MHA received under the Post-9/11 GI Bill is the beginning of the academic year, August 1, 2014.  

Online College Payment Rates For 2013 Academic Year (August 1, 2014 – July 31, 2015)

Exclusively Online Training (No Classroom Instruction) -  $754.50 per month.

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How is BAH calculated for online education or distance learning students?

The basic housing allowance for online students is half the national average BAH for an E-5 with dependents. 

What if you’re attending part time? 

The amount is less if you’re not enrolled full-time but students must be enrolled at least 51% of full-time to be eligible for MHA benefits.

How does the Department of Veterans Affairs calculate part time BAH rates?

Over 50% but not 100% is calculated to the nearest 10%.  For instance, if your training time (e.g. number of credits) is determined to be 68% as calculated above you will be paid 70% of the applicable housing allowance.  If your training time is calculated to be 56% you will be paid 60% of the applicable housing allowance.

What is the BAH Rate if you’re attending online and on-campus classes?

A full-time student taking at least one classroom course will get the full BAH rate based on the zip code of the school.

Is the correct, I have read elsewhere including on government sites that online students get BAH?

Yes, the Post-9/11 Veterans Education Assistance Improvements Act (GI Bill 2.0) made this change effective effective October 1, 2011.  Many sites have not updated this information and still inaccurately reflect that online students are not eligible.

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