Military Friendly Schools & Colleges Membership Lists

The military, Department of Defense (DoD), and Veterans Affairs have a variety of programs where colleges and schools can become members.  These programs protect service members, veterans, military spouses and dependents to help ensure they receive a quality education.   Below is a list of these programs and links to the member directories of the military friendly colleges and schools that are on these lists.

Note: The U.S. Government, DoD, and Veterans Affairs or military does NOT expressly endorse or approve a school as military friendly.

ACE (American Council on Education)

Colleges and Universities that participate in ACE are experienced at translating prior military learning experiences into college credit.   ACE collaborates with the Department of Defense to review military training and experiences in order to recommend appropriate college credit.  Additionally, ACE will provide recommendations for formal courses and occupations based on an individual’s military training and experience.  Gaining college credit for military experience can help save hundreds or thousands of dollars in tuition costs.  ACE Directory

DANTES External (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support)

DANTES supports all DOD components including the Coast Guard by providing a non-traditional education environment to pursue academic and vocational goals.  Dante’s provides education alternatives to service members who cannot attend classes or schools due to work schedules, duty locations that do not permit class attendance.  High school, college, technical, or vocational courses are all available via methods such as textbooks, video, audio tapes, internet, email or TV.  Courses can be taken from schools or colleges that are part of Dante’s External. Dante’s External Directory

MyCAA (Military Career Advancement Accounts) Program

This program is for active-duty military Spouses and provides up to $4,000 (over 2 years) of Financial Assistance.  This program is limited to military spouses who are pursuing a license, certification or Associate’s degree in a portable career field and occupation. MyCAA Directory

Post 9/11 GI Bill® Yellow Ribbon Program

The Yellow Ribbon program allows approved institutions of higher learning and the VA to partially or fully fund tuition and fee expenses that exceed the established thresholds under the Post‐9/11 GI Bill.  These additional funds do not count against GI Bill entitlements. Yellow Ribbon Directory

SOC (Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges)

SOC functions in cooperation with 15 higher education associations, the Department of Defense, and Active and Reserve Components of the Military Services to expand and improve voluntary postsecondary education opportunities for service members worldwide.  Members of SOC must provide credit for military training and experience, credit for nationally recognized testing programs, limited residency requirements and avoid excessive loss of previously earned credits. SOC Directory

VA Approved – The Principles of Excellence Program

The Principles of Excellence are guidelines for educational schools and institutions receiving federal military and veterans educational funding.  Participating schools agree to principles and guidelines that provide service members, veterans, spouses, and dependents with the information, support, and protections they deserve. VA Approved – The Principles of Excellence Program Directory

Below, we have grouped the military friendly programs as they directly apply to active-duty, veterans, military spouses and dependents.  Indirect benefits and information may still apply to all other groups.

Active Duty

Photo by Tech. Sgt. Jason Edwards


  • ACE (American Council on Education)
  • DANTES External (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support)
  • Post 9/11 GI Bill Yellow Ribbon Program
  • SOC (Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges)
  • VA Approved – The Principles of Excellence Program


  • ACE (American Council on Education)
  • Post 9/11 GI Bill Yellow Ribbon Program
  • VA Approved – The Principles of Excellence Program

Military Spouses

  • MyCAA (Military Career Advancement Accounts) Program
  • Post 9/11 GI Bill Yellow Ribbon Program
  • VA Approved – The Principles of Excellence Program


  • Post 9/11 GI Bill Yellow Ribbon Program
  • VA Approved – The Principles of Excellence Program

See the Military Friendly Colleges Guide for more information on selecting the best school.

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