Military Discounts at Gyms and Health Clubs

Many health clubs and gyms honor military personnel with discount gym memberships and enrollment fees. The perfect discount for the many military personnel who enjoy staying fit. Below is our list of health clubs and gyms that offer military discounts and those that don’t!

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Offer Military Discounts:

Golds Gym – Gold’s Gym offers U.S. military servicemembers 20% off dues plus a discounted enrollment of $49 (typically $79-$199). Proof of eligibility with a current military ID must be presented at enrollment.

YMCA – Participating YMCA’s offer memberships and respite child care services to eligible military families and personnel where a serviceman or woman is currently deployed. Check the YMCA site for details and eligibility.

Local Gyms & Fitness Centers – Many local facilities offer military discounts. Just ask!

Gym & Health Club chains that don’t offer military discounts. Individual may locations may offer a discount but there is not a chain wide discount.  Many franchise locations are known to give military discounts. Always check first with your local gym even these gyms below.

Don’t Offer Military Discounts:Couple Running Military Gym Discount

24 Hour Fitness (Military Discount discontinued as of 2016)

Anytime Fitness

Bally Total Fitness

Crunch Gym

Curves for Women


LA Fitness

LifeTime Fitness

Planet Fitness

Urban Active

World Gym


If you know of a gym chain offering a military discount or individual locations please comment below so we can update our records.

Other Ways to Get a Health Club Discount or Save Money on Gyms

  • Student, Family, Senior Citizen discounts – Many gyms offer reduced rates for senior citizens, students or family members.
  • Employer Discount – Some companies partner with local health clubs to provide discounts to employees.
  • Low Income Discount – Some gyms such as the YMCA offer low income or unemployed discounts.
  • Health Insurance Discount – Some health insurance plans cover a portion or all of a health club membership.
  • Off Peak Hours Discount – While often not advertised if some gyms offer discounts for memberships that can only be used during non-peak hours.
  • Warehouse Clubs – Warehouse clubs such as Costco often times have discounted plans that can be purchased at gyms such as 24 hour fitness.
  • Community Centers – Many community centers have fitness centers and often times great perks such as a pool or tennis courts.  Typically the cost to join the community center is much less than a health club membership.
  • Colleges & Universities – Check with the local colleges and universities  as some allow general access at a low cost.  If you’re an alumni this may provide access as well.
  • Volunteer – Volunteer at a YMCA or community center for the free access.  You’re serving the community while staying fit.
  • Promotions – There is always a gym membership promotion right around the corner for every holiday, month etc.  If you can be patient wait for the next promotion.
  • Negotiate – Know the competing rates and negotiate with the sales person.  The quoted price is often only the starting point.
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