Father’s Day 2017

For most fathers, Father’s Day is a celebration where they receive cards, gifts, and showers of admiration and thanks, but for many serving in the armed forces Father’s Day, the appreciation comes from a distance. If you have a Father serving in the armed forces and is away on Father’s Day send him a care package to show that though he is far, he is not forgotten. And if your father is by your side this father’s day, you know how lucky it is that you get to show him your appreciation in person!

Father’s Day will be on Tuesday, July 4, 2017.

History of Father’s DayHappy Father's Day 2016

Father’s Day was first introduced in Spokane Washington in a YMCA by Sonora Dodd. Ms. Dodd first proposed the idea of Father’s day when her pastor gave a passionate speech about mother’s day and the importance of mothers. Ms. Dodd went to her pastor and explained that her father, who was a Civil War Veteran, had raised 6 children as a single parent and that fathers deserved a holiday just as much as mothers did. Father’s Day was proposed by Ms. Dodd to be on the Fifth of June, the birthday of her father; but the pastor had not prepared their sermons in time and thus Father’s Day was postponed until the third Sunday of June.

The holiday did not stick right away and the citizens of Spokane forgot about Father’s Day until Ms. Dodd graduated from college in the 1930’s and began promoting Father’s Day on a national level. She enlisted the help of manufacturers of ties, tobacco pipes, and any industry that would benefit the most from the adoption of Father’s Day.

In 1916 President Woodrow Wilson went to Spokane to speak in a Father’s day celebration and wanted to make Father’s Day a national holiday, but Congress resisted. It was not until 1966 that President Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers, and not until 1972 that President Richard Nixon signed Father’s Day into Law.

Father’s Day gift ideas for Military Fathers

A care package from the family is always an amazing gift, because dad will be reminded of his family’s appreciation for his role as a father. A simple list of things that can line a Father’s Day care package can be his favorite candies, a picture of the family all together, and don’t forget to add a hand crafted item to the care package to make it special. We also have some other suggestions listed below:

Military Discount – Take advantage of the many Military Discounts available year round when shopping for the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Favorite Stores –  Some of Dad’s favorite stores give a military discount at participating locations, including Bass Pro Shops, Best BuyCabela’s, and more. If you’re really not sure what would make dad happiest, consider giving him a gift card to these places so he can pick out what he wants, and he can still use his military discount at any time instead of just for the holiday.

Dinner – Take your dad out to eat for some Father’s Day freebies and discounts. These discounts are at participating restaurants, such as Shoney’s and Olive Garden, and your dad will enjoy the meal with his family.

Request a Gift Box – If your father is Deployed, you can request a free Father’s Day care package sent on your behalf from Full Circle Home.

Call Home for Free – Deployed servicemembers can call home for free, thanks to Google and Gmail.

JibJab – Create a funny Father’s Day eCard featuring your family or father with  JibJab. Use this website to insert pictures of your favorite people and create funny videos . It costs $12 per year and there are videos for every holiday, birthday and much more so this gift can keep on giving.

#HappyFathersDay – Reach out to your dad through social media to thank him for all he has done.