Apple Military Discount

The Apple Military Discount is a program provided by Apple for active duty, veterans and family members of the U.S. Military, National Guard and Reserve.  The Federal Government and Military Employee Purchase Program is also available to current and retired employees, contractors and family members of government entities.  Details are limited on Apple’s website so we prepared a FAQ to most commonly asked questions related to the Apple Military Discount.

Where do I go to Save?

Visit the Apple Military Discount Website.

What Can You Save On?

You can save on computers such as the iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini and Mac Pro.  Discounts vary but typical ranges are between 5% and 15% with 8%-10%.  There is also a discount provided for the Apple Care Protection Plan.

How Much is the Apple Military Discount?

Apple does not list how much you’ll save on each product so even though the Apple Program’s website will have discounts on some items, not all, it is difficult to tell which items are discounted.  One solution is to go to the main Apple Store website.  Do this in a separate browser, not tab, otherwise you might wind up on the Military Purchase Program website by default.  You can now look up the Apple product you’re interested in buying on the program website and compare it against the main Apple Store website.  If there is no difference, than Apple is not offering a military discount on that product.

What Can’t I Save On?

Unfortunately, the military discount is primarily limited to computers and the Apple Care Protection Plan.  Items such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Apple Watch and accessories are not discounted. There may be exceptions, but rarely.

Can This Purchase be Used Towards Personal Use?

Yes!  The military discount from Apple is intended for personal use.

What Proof is Required to Qualify?

Apple has no set policy and may request proof after the order is submitted.

I Have More Questions.

You can call the The Federal Government and Military Employee Purchase Program at 1-877-EPP-MEMBER.

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