5 Ways It’s Great to Be a Military Spouse!

“Proud Air Force Spouse” and “Proud Army Wife” are just a couple of examples of the slogans that you commonly see posted on a car, Facebook profile, or clothing of a military spouse. However, for those individuals who are not affiliated with the military, they may look at a military spouse’s lifestyle as chaotic, stressful or taxing. At times this could be the case, (as with anyone’s lifestyle), military spouses are presented with silver linings through many of these so-called “stressful events.” The following reasons are just five of the many ways it’s great to be a military spouse.

1. Reuniting With Your Deployed Spouse

Yes, deployments are hard on everyone. You go months without seeing your loved one and you are constantly worried about their well being. On the other hand, nothing can beat the feeling of reuniting with your

U.S. Air National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Julianne M. Showalter, 145th Public Affairs
U.S. Air National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Julianne M. Showalter, 145th Public Affairs

spouse upon their return. Days and even weeks before, your heart begins to flutter with excitement in anticipation of the big event. You find yourself constantly smiling and daydreaming of the pending blissfulness that you will soon encounter and when that amazing day finally arrives, it feels like you’ve won the lottery. The first kiss, the first hug and the first embrace make you feel like a teen again. You will get to experience falling in love all over again. This is something that your civilian friends aren’t likely to get the opportunity to experience.

2. Discounts!

We live in a country that is proud of our military! They do what they can to help the military member and their families. One way they like to show their appreciation is by offering discounts for goods or services. Many restaurants, retailers and other service providers are glad to offer a discount to active military members, retirees, and their families. So never be afraid to ask when you are purchasing something or receiving a service if the provider offers a military discount. A lot of times you will be pleasantly surprised when they “Yes” and there’s no harm, no foul, even if they don’t.

3. Other Military Spouses

There’s no better friend than one who understands where you’re coming from and where you’re headed. Your fellow military spouses can empathize with you in just about any situation. They understand your struggles when preparing for a deployment, moving to a new base, or if you lost your ID. Sure, you may have great friends who are always willing to lend an ear but to have a friend that listens and who truly understands how you feel, is priceless.

4. A New Base, a New You!

Every time you move, it’s a chance to reinvent yourself. You always get a fresh start and a new perspective when you move to a new base. Maybe you want to switch careers or take on a new hobby. What’s a better time to start than when you move to a new base? Not only will it give you an opportunity to acquaint yourself with the new city but it will also give you the opportunity to try new things that maybe weren’t available to you at your last base.

5. Your Spouse is a Superhero

Forget Batman, Superman or the Hulk. Your husband or wife is the true hero! They defend our country, sanctify our values and enable us to live our lives to the fullest. Not many people can say they’re truly married to a superhero!

About The AuthorDanielle is a licensed professional counselor, a proud Air Force spouse and a grateful mother of three. She has served alongside her husband through his countless deployments, relocations and two squadron command positions. She greatly enjoys being a member of the community and is honored to support her fellow military spouses.

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