2013 Non-Locality BAH Rates

Here are the 2013 Non-Locality BAH Rates for 2013 and are effective January 1, 2013.

Non-locality BAH is basic housing allowance for members under the following circumstances:

  • Reservists on active duty less than 30 days.
  • Service members in transit from select areas where no prior BAH rate exists
  • Service members who live in government housing and pay child support, also known as BAH-Diff or BAH Differential.  Service members who pay child support and live on the local economy.  Eligible to receive the “with dependent” BAH rate for their locality.

2013 Non-Locality BAH Rates

Pay Grade
BAH RC/T* Without Dependents
BAH RC/T* With Dependents
O-10$50.70 $1,481.70 $1,822.50 $330.30
O-9$50.70 $1,481.70 $1,822.50 $330.30
O-8$50.70 $1,481.70 $1,822.50 $330.30
O-7$50.70 $1,481.70 $1,822.50 $330.30
O-6$39.60 $1,358.70 $1,640.70 $273.60
O-5$33.00 $1,308.30 $1,581.60 $264.30
O-4$26.70 $1,212.00 $1,394.10 $175.80
O-3$22.20$972.00 $1,153.50 $175.80
O3E$22.20 $1,049.10 $1,239.90 $184.20
O2E$17.70$891.90 $1,118.70 $220.20
O1E$13.20$775.80 $1,034.10 $258.30
W-5$25.20 $1,231.80 $1,346.40 $109.80
W-4$25.20 $1,093.50 $1,233.90 $135.30
W-3$20.70$919.80 $1,131.30 $204.30
W-2$15.90$816.00 $1,039.50 $216.00
E-9$18.60$897.90 $1,184.10 $276.00
E-8$15.30$825.00 $1,092.30 $258.60
E-7$12.00$760.50 $1,013.70 $299.40
E-1 >4$6.90$487.20$649.20$276.00
E-1 <4$6.90$487.20$649.20$276.00

*BAH RC/Transit rates are adjusted by the average change in housing costs; BAHDIFF rates increase by the increase in the basic pay raise.*


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